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WIAS-3200N Airlive

The AirLive WIAS-3200N is an all-in one solution for Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant, or WISP operators to tell Internet connections. Its powerful processor and 802.11n wireless access point enable AirLive to integrate all the conceivable features that provide simple yet powerful Internet Access accounting solution

(Datasheet Airlive WIAS-3200N)


Airlive WIAS-3200N


This means providing and selling Internet services has finally become simple and affordable for every hotel, Cafe, Restaurant or WISP owner.

The new Wireless-N technology has dramatically increased the overall performance of a wireless network. With the enhanced transfer speed and coverage, the new Wireless-N technology greatly  surpasses 802.11g. It delivers up to 3x faster data transfer speed than Wireless-G. This new standard uses the MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) and smart antenna technology which allows you to connect at extend distances around your shop or office.

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